Social media and trust building 

The Social media and trust building project focuses on showing the role of social media in building trust in society. The aim of the activities is scientific analysis in the field of creating trust through interactions in social media. Another goal of the grant is to exchange knowledge and experience in the development of social capital and digital competence, as well as to eliminate disinformation by experts from the Visegrad countries. The results of the project will help to deepen the understanding of the mechanisms taking place in new media related to the creation of trust in society in the V4 countries. The conducted research is an opportunity to obtain an answer to the question how social media can be used to promote democratization and reduce the amount of disinformation. The project fits into the issues of social pedagogy, media pedagogy and information and communication technologies. The activities are also an answer to the growing scale of the phenomenon of disinformation and media manipulation in society.

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