„Innovative enriching education processes for Mathematically Gifted Students in Europe”


This project intends to develop new methodologies for supporting gifted pupils in mathematics of age 10-18, which can be used inside and outside any school environment.

The group that this project aims to support by developing an Electronic Guidebook through which they can be guided in their teaching and support to „gifted” students with a role of facilitators. The project will produce an innovative set of guidelines and tools for teachers enriching their competence for supporting gifted pupils inside and outside the classroom environment.

The results of INNOMATH are expected to contribute also to the following school education priorities as described in ERASMUS+ Programme Guide:

  1. Supporting teachers in dealing with diversity in the classroom;
  2. Supporting teachers in adopting collaborative and innovative practices,
  3. Supporting schools to tackle disadvantage and to offer quality education, enabling success for all students, from the LOWEST to the HIGHEST end of the academic spectrum.

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The Polish Online project     

aims to provide a free multilingual, interactive website for learning the Polish language online. The website will feature not only A1 and A2 level Polish courses (including an introductory phonetic lesson at the beginning of A1). You can be looking forward to multimedia content with interactive and engaging exercises, reading materials or audio and video tools. An interactive dictionary with up to 10,000 words including recordings of their pronunciation and a grammar guide will complete the learning experience.