The purpose of this project is to improve the Digital Competence (DC) development situation in Ukraine (UA), to harmonize it with the European mainstream by adaptation of the Digital Competence Frameworks for Citizens and for Educators, creation Ukrainian National Digital Coalition (UNDC); to reform in-service training for teachers and to provide “best practices” experiences of how DC could be further developed in general and adapted to the challenges of the Higher Education sector within society at large. The motivation for this comes from the goal set by the European Commission in Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, DigComp frameworks and the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE).
The project aims to establish an effective UNDC network amongst UA educational institutions, associations, public authorities, business representatives; to design and implement UA DC frameworks; to make recommendations for modifying DC studies curriculum according to the DAE and modern labour market needs; to create DC trainings for teachers and for citizens; to provide high-quality DC trainings for various social strata of society.

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Activities held by the Pedagogical University:

  1. Training activities for Ukrainian partners in digital competence

On 18-21 March 2019 the Institute of Computer Science of the Pedagogical University of Krakow organized a training for the partners of the dComFra project: Digital Competence Framework for Ukrainian Teachers and other Citizens, financed by the European Union.

During the training, the invited guests learned how the education process in field of  digital competences look like in Poland and got aquitance with the implementation of European educational solutions in public universities based on the example of the Institute of Computer Science UP. 

The guests took part in meetings and workshops organized together with the Krakow Examination Centre, which conducts courses and exams within the framework of the European Computer Skills Certificate (ECDL), as well as took part in a video conference with representatives of the Polish Information Technology Association.

The dComFra project aims to prepare within three years the infrastructure in selected Ukrainian universities, necessary for the development of education and training in the area of digital competences. In addition to the Pedagogical University, the project involves other European universities, such as University Politehnica of Bucharest, Life Science University of Prague, Austrian Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and the ten best universities in Ukraine. The project is coordinated by Lithuanian University of Vytautas the Great from Kaunas.  

  1. Working group meeting

On 15-19 May 2019 in the Institute of Computer Science a meeting of the working group of the international scientific project dComFra – Digital Competence Framework for Ukrainian Teachers and other Citizens took place. The meeting was attended by scientists from six countries, representing fifteen scientific and governmental centres.

The aim of the project is to adapt the digital competence framework for Ukrainian citizens and teachers to the European standard, to establish the UNDC National Ukrainian Digital Coalition, to reform teachers’ IT education and to provide good practices in digital education.

The Pedagogical University of Krakow acts as a mentor in the field of education policy and the formation of new didactic plans for the education of teachers in the field of digital competences. Thanks to the experience, it supports the Eastern partner in sharing good didactic practices, activating teachers to use information technologies effectively, using innovative solutions, increasing the effectiveness of education through the use of new technologies.