Please send the nominations by email to Magdalena Birgiel with the following data:

Name of the sending Institution and its Erasmus code

Full name of the student

The Student’s email address

The Student’s area of studies

The Student’s duration of stay (1st semester, 2nd semester)

Please be advised, that you can be accepted ONLY for one semester (without the possibility of prolonging your stay) with the exception of the Universities which plan two semesters studies in the bilateral agreement.

The deadlines for your application are:

May, 29th for the first/winter semester

November, 30th for the second/summer semester

However, in case you need accommodation, May, 18th the deadline for both semesters.

Once the Pedagogical University of Krakow has received an official nomination from a Partner University, prospective Erasmus student will receive an e-mail with application instructions.

After being nominated by a Partner University each student is asked to send signed and stamped documents such as:

1.) Application Form

2.) Learning Agreement for studies

3.) Housing and Payment Information II semester; (only if, a student want to have a room booked in our dormitory „Za Kolumnami„)

4.) Confirmation of a student English language level (Erasmus+ OLS language assessment results)

5.)  Payment confirmation for the dormitory till  the 31st December 2020 (second semester)

6.) Scanned the european health insurance card (european health insurance card is requested only if you are an EU-citizen, non-EU-citizens-other insurance, that is valid in Poland)

via e-mail at the address:

All the documents mentioned above are a mandatory requirement for the enrolment at the Pedagogical University of Cracow!


Once the Pedagogical University of Krakow has received an official nomination from a Partner University, prospective Erasmus student will receive an e-mail with on-line application instructions.

If you are applying to come to the Pedagogical University of Krakow, you also need to check the courses and submit a Learning Agreement form. It should be completed with the help of the Erasmus Coordinator at your home institution. This covers all aspects of the programme of study and ECTS credits to be awarded on satisfactory completion, committing both home and host institutions, as well as the student. The courses given at our University are mainly taught in Polish but we also offer many modules in foreign languages (see modules available).

At the end of their stay, a transcript of records showing the courses they have studied together with exam results and the ECTS credit points is sent to their home University directly.

Please be aware of the importance of meeting deadlines and procedure!


Application Form

Learning Agreement for studies

  Housing and Payment Information II semester

Exceptional changes to LA incoming/ Learning Agreement

Grade Book (a student document recording marks and credits received during your Erasmus period. It is issued by the International Relations Office).

Student Identity Card

Upon arrival, incoming students will receive their student ID cards. It is issued by the International Relations Office and valid only with the University seal, which is stamped for the periods of 1 October to 30 September. It entitles its holders to a 50% fare reduction on the public transport system (personal ticket for 1 semester-network costs 220 PLN) as well as on domestic train travel and use all university libraries.