Once your application has been approved by the Departmental and Institutional Coordinators, our International Relations Office can book you a room in the „Academic Hotel Centre” situated within a walking distance from the University. The costs of accommodation in a double room with a bathroom (shared kitchen) is 784 EUR (first semester) paying in advance prior your arrival for a whole semester –  (a repayable deposit of 130 EUR  and the Student Card 4EUR included in the price) . The deposit will be given back to you by bank transfer only if your room is left in a good condition at your departure. Expenses for utilities (electricity, water, and heating) are included in the price.

Please be adwise, that you can be accepted ONLY for one semester (without the possibility of prolonging your stay) with the exception of the Universities which plan two semesters studies in the bilateral agreement.


If you decide to stay at the “Academic Hotel Centre”, please be prepared to pay by wire tranfer:

784EUR till 31st July 2021 (first semester)

to the following bank online account:

Bank: PKO BP SA, Południowy Regionalny Oddział Korporacyjny w Katowicach Regionalne Centrum Korporacyjne w Krakowie Al. Pokoju 5, 31-548 Kraków


nr : PL35102028920000570206217279

Holder: Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie ul. Podchorążych 2, 30-084 Kraków.

title: Payment for the dormitory  fee: winter semester+ deposit, first name, surname, country.


The deposit will be given back to your own bank account after checking out within one month.

Please bear in mind that the deadline for both semesters is May, 18.

Please also note, that due to a limited number of rooms available, students will be accommodated on the „first come first served” basis.

If you prefer to find your own place to live, you need to search on your own as the University does not help in finding private accommodation (e.g. private dormitory such as: UNIBASE or LIVINNX).